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Energy Storage


Size (DC): 1.4GWh
Project Location: Nevada
Commissioning Date: 3Q, 2023

  • DC-coupled solar + storage
  • Solar-only charging
  • Solar shifting to the evening peak (Clip -Cap ture)
Terrasun’s Differentiator:
  • Industry leadership in DC-coupled storage solutions
  • Lifecycle services for 25 years of operation including various performance guarantees, monitoring, reporting, preventive & corrective maint.
  • Incorporating solar generation prediction in to DC­ coupled solar + storage operation


Size (DC): 50MWh
Project Location: Texas
Commissioning Date: 2Q, 2022

  • ERCOT Fast Frequency Response
  • ERCOT Primary Frequency Response
  • ERCOT Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Energy arbitrage
Terrasun’s Differentiator:
  • Technology-agnostic solutions
  • Lifecycle services for 10 years including Flexible, customer-focused services

Power Plant Operation Service

IHI Power Generation Corp (IPGC)and IHI Power Services Corp (IPSC) provide a wide range of operation and maintenance services.

Turbo Charger

IHI Turbo America Co. (ITA) is serving both North and South America with exceptional Turbocharger and Supercharger products.
We are a Tier 1 supplier to most manufacturers of diesel, gasoline, fuel cell, and natural gas vehicles. 
We are one of the world’s largest Turbocharger manufacturers as well as the only company in the world that mass-produces screw Superchargers. 
In 2019 we finished our facility expansion enabling us to triple our total capacity to support our growing customers. 

Plant overview

Press Machine

IHI Press Technology America, Inc. (IPTA) delivered over sixty (60) Press Machines in the Americas, and provides Maintenance Parts & Engineering/Field Services to the Customers.
Automotive OEM Customers include GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Subaru and Hyundai at 24 plants.

Stamping Press Line
Maintenance Support


IHI has constructed numerous major brides worldwide. In the United states, we engaged in the construction of the Carquinez Bride and widening work for Huey P. Long Bridge.